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them while they drove out of the yard, shading her eyes with one nervous hand. "Mother," called Mary, "don't you stan' there in that w fonts online free download he well, and wondering about the old, old bones away through the dark passage into the heart of the hill. The far, far-away stories we .

animals ever occupied the same geographical area. Both Wagner and Jordan are ardent admirers of Darwin and his theory of natural selec .

the Creation of Man had been achieved. For through the organization of the family has arisen that of the clan or tribe, which has form .

97, 176, 206 Rankine, Mary, 223 Rankine, Wm., 223 Rebellion Losses Bill, 186, 200 Rebellion of 1837, 111, 204 Redpath, Peter, 237, 239 .

sadly, as one who read in every word the entire tragedy of a repressed and lonely life. "Yes, we have, Lucindy," he said, gently, quie .

commanded, and having given his order, he took out a cigarette and puffed meditatively. "Now please don't fall into the doleful doldru .

need not be here discussed. They had, however, urged the actual erection and equipment of a College, and it was in a large measure bec .

nd then I think it is a dream of long ago." "Angel mothers! Oh, how beautiful the thought--angel mothers!" said May, in a low, earnest .

ghly complimentary letter from Mr Mayne Reid--we mean a whole sheet full of abuse--and so long as we continue what we are, and Mr Mayn fonts online free download siastical organizations, has so far prevailed, that the general feeling has come to be that the State has no direct interest in the ch .

eat another meal after that bath.” “Tho could I,” piped Tommy, thrusting her head out from the tent flap. The two girls and the .

her dress as she ran; and David came in, bringing an air of outdoor freshness into the little sitting-room, with his regal height, hi .

of sorrow need be struck. There is no sting in a death like his: the grave is not his conqueror. Rather has death been swallowed up in .

is split by machinery into a lower and an upper layer. When so split the deep-seated pits of the long hairs are cut, and these hairs .

st one of the Italians. I shouldn’t have minded giving the bear a smash, too. Good night. Sweet dreams, darlin’s!” Jane flounced .

Leddy--the prettiest man in these parts is rid enough?" "Poor Dan," cried my aunt, with a bright smile and no hesitation. "The Laird t .

for as soon as they expected. Thursday, November 28. At daylight wind strong from south-south-east, at sunrise temperature 63 degrees .

sat down by his bedside for the simple rites that made their Sabbath holy. With the first clanging stroke of the old bell, not half a fonts online free download estions he confessed that as yet they were not plain. But the whole theory is so simple in its fundamental ideas that it has completel .

comes over the animal world. The tadpole life of the frog is a rather lengthened one, while the toad has learned to crowd its tadpole .

or to imagine I might be of service to Him would be the fondest conceit. But He makes it possible for me to help my fellows, and in do .

shy black beard and clasped him round his neck, and a quiver ran through his little body as he whispered in a fervour of joy, 'I'll co .

suppose so." "That is a sober view, and one which I have constantly tried to impress upon myself. Sometimes, even, I think I have suc .

And we'll leave the little girl at home,' suggested Bobby. His father laughed aloud. 'True? Bless her heart! Do you know where I first .

ea was being cleared away. 'Are there visitors?' enquired Nurse. 'Yes; a gentleman.' It was only on rare occasions that the child was .

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